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                "Your voice in congress its a horrible thing to waste"



Who I am!


A Christian Republican born in Anniston Alabama into poverty. Saved by Grace and adopted at 9 months old. Bryan was raised in a Christian home and learned faith in Jesus Christ, hard work, self-reliance, and never doing a "half-ass job." Bryan was an athlete all through school, that's where he learned competition and teamwork. Followed his grandfather’s footsteps and enlisted in the Army Infantry. After 5 years he was discharged and went to college. After a successful business venture, he was devastated by what he saw on 9/11. Two years later he answered his country's call in time of need. Bryan Newell Deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan. Previously served as a Drill Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Aviation Maintenance Supervisor, Battalion Flight Operations NCOIC, Battalion S3 Future Operations NCOIC, Brigade SPO Forward Aviation Liaison, and Aviation Senior Instructor. After assisting in the reconstruction and redevelopment of the Army Aviation Pnudraulics course he was recognized as one of the "Founding Fathers." After retiring he came back home to take care of his aging parents and was shocked as he watched his country go to waste. Bryan had complained enough about his elected officials sitting on their hands as the country crumbled beneath their feet. It was "Time to put up or shut up" following a dream that GOD placed in his head so many years before. He is now bringing leadership to Congress. Bryan has been married to his wife Lourdes for 20 years, and they have 3 children and two grandchildren.


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